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The counselor's role

School counselors work to promote the social, emotional, academic, and career development of all students through individual, small group, or classroom sessions.  In addition, counselors work with parents and school staff to support student learning.
Individual counseling:
Individual counseling is available to all students.  Students who have concerns and wish to talk may request a meeting with me verbally, by email, by putting a note in the folder on my door, or letting their teacher know they wish to see me.  Parents or teachers may also request that I speak to a child.  Individual sessions are intended to be brief, and outside referrals may be made for more intensive support.
Group counseling:
Small group counseling may be offered in order to provide social interaction or if multiple students have a similar need.  Generally no more than six students of the same age range may meet about five times to address a particular topic.  Single sessions may also be offered in an effort to help a group of students work out a conflict.
Classroom guidance:
All students receive character education instruction throughout the school year as part of the 6 day rotation.  Topics differ depending on the character trait of the month and the grade level.  However, all classes are designed to promote social, emotional, academic, or career development.
While students are out for the school closure, families and students may contact me through email at  I am currently working on ways to connect via phone or computer.