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        Fifth grade students add to their science notebooks and create vocabulary cards to study with. They also have Bingo boards in their notebooks that can be used to practice science vocabulary. Use the vocabulary list in the notebook to call clues, or make-up your own. There is an on-line version of the game board, also. Students know how to scan the QR code in their notebooks to load it.

Fourth graders also create notebooks filled with our discoveries and learning experiences.


                Scroll down for various science online resources!                  Bitmoji Image                                                                                                            

Mystery Science FREE Lessons that are awesome!                      Bitmoji Image

Science Sites and Resources


helpful bacteria #1


protists and fungi #1




kids ecology






fact monster


ecology facts


recycle scavenger hunt


nasa for kids


virtual lab changing earth


renewable and non renewable resources





Link - description


Sort the Organisms
Sort the plants & animals using the different classifications that are given by the computer.

Food Webs
See if you can complete all of the food webs for meadow, arctic, and pond system.
More Food Chains
How far can you go building these food chains.

Biodiversity, Everything Counts
Biodiversity, Everything Counts is an interactive site that teaches you about biodiversity and how it is present in your life. Search through the different sites and solve puzzles, learn how humans are changing the world, and learn how you can help.


All Systems Are Go!
In this online activity, a fictional character, Arnold is missing a number of body parts. You will need to drag and drop all the organs that belong in a particular body system to Arnold's body. Once all four systems are complete, a clothed Arnold will appear.


Skeletal System
Can you sort the different bones of different animals into the correct places? See if you can do them all correctly on the first try.




Link - description


Growing a plant indoors


NASA Website


Soil 2
More information on Dirt!


Soil 3
Even more information about dirt!


Science Explorer
Wow, so many really cool science experiments here! Check it out!