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Welcome to 5th Grade!

Thank you for visiting our classroom website. Please scroll down for our latest posts and links that showcase our work.
We have had a GREAT start to our year. We are Dreaming Big! 

Recent Posts

Grandfather Mountain Trip

We had a wonderful trip to Grandfather Mountain where we learned about weather patterns and using weather tools to measure the weather. Students also presented their own weather forcast for their audience. We would like to send special thanks to the Nathan Pribble Scholarship Foundation for making our trip possible! We felt especially blessed to have Mr. and Mrs. Pribble there with us during our trip. Watch for pictures - coming soon!

On Thursday, both classes went to the science lab to find out if we could produce a gas from a solid and liquid, and it worked. We made carbon dioxide using vinegar and soda - enough to blow up balloons, and were we ever excited! We decided that it was a chemical reaction. Today, we discussed the clues that a chemical change had occurred. One surprise was that the mixture used energy during the reaction causing the bottle to become cold. See more pictures of our 5th grade scientists having fun "blowing things up" by clicking here!
We went to the Science Lab today to work on collecting quantitative and qualitative data. We also learned to use the iPad app called Skitch to record and share work. Click to see more photos of our day in the Lab.

Does matter matter? Sure it does, especially in 5th grade!

We practiced some of our new vocabulary while learning to use a new app called 30 Hands. See some of our short videos by clicking  HERE.

 We are learning to find the volume of rectangular prisms. This group found the volume of each box, built a tower, and added all the volumes to find how many cubic centimeters were in the entire tower -  55,797 cm3


Today we learned about transpiration as part of the water cycle. Students were able to catch the water vapor in bags and see it as it condensed into droplets. "Tree sweat!"

5th and 6th grade human growth and development parent informational meeting will be held at Forbush High School on Tuesday, October 17, at 6 pm.
Reunión de información de padres y madres sobre desarrollo humano - Forbush HS, martes, 17 de octubre, 6pm